Trainees from Leuze electronic offer support for "Starkes Kirchheim"

Trainees of optical sensor manufacturer Leuze electronic collected donations for a good cause and offered hands-on support during school breakfast at the Teck Elementary School in Kirchheim.

Trainees from Leuze electronic hand over a donation check worth
1,418 euros to the action group Starkes Kirchheim

Owen, March 12, 2018 - To ring in the start of the second half of the 2017/2018 school year, the trainees of Leuze electronic donated the proceeds of their Christmas campaign 2017 to the action group "Starkes Kirchheim – No child left behind." This is a solidarity campaign undertaken by the residents, companies, and city of Kirchheim. Together they endeavored to support children, especially those who are disadvantaged, have fewer opportunities, or those on the fringes of society. The young sensor people considered this a worthwhile cause. "It was important to us that the money we collected through our Christmas campaign would go to a specific project," says Collin Schmidt, trainee for warehouse logistics, who himself is an alumni of the affiliated Teck Secondary School. "To be returning to my former school grounds with this charity campaign is very special to me personally – it brings back many memories." To get donations, the committed young staff members created a platform by building market stalls and encouraging their colleagues to fill them with content. The self-made goods, baked waffles, and candied fruit skewers were sold to the sensor people and visitors of Leuze electronic. The generated amount is rather respectable: EUR 1,418. The trainees from Leuze electronic symbolically handed over the amount in the form of a check and a box of groceries to Elli Reichel from "Starkes Kirchheim" and her team of volunteers, who, like many other teams at schools in Kirchheim, prepare the school breakfast at Teck Elementary School once a week. The trainees of the sensor system manufacturer deliberately picked the project "Breakfast at Kirchheimer Schools." This breakfast takes place once a week before school and caters to all elementary school students alike. It was important to the young sensor people to not only hand over the donations, but also to get involved hands-on. Together with the volunteers of Starkes Kirchheim and the children, they set the breakfast table at 6:30 am for over 20 children, chopped fruit, made jam, sausage and cheese, and prepared everything for the onrush that would ensue at 7:00 am. "Many children leave home without breakfast, unfortunately, as many parents are in a rush to get ready for work in the morning," says Elli Reichel of the action group "Starkes Kirchheim" and person responsible for the 'breakfast makers' and the breakfast project. "It's important to us to give the children an opportunity to start their day in a peaceful environment and with a healthy breakfast, at least once a week." The framework for this is provided by "Starkes Kirchheim." The action group depends on financial donations and volunteers to carry out their mission. The young sensor people experienced first-hand that they picked a worthwhile project: it was nice to see how the children of different ages, genders, and nationalities looked forward to having breakfast together, and how they were individually greeted by name. For most of them, Tuesday morning here at the Teck Primary School has become a real ritual, which was supported financially by the donations from Leuze electronic as well as the hands-on support provided by the trainees.

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